Digital Technologies

St. Justin’s Primary School is committed to creating a 21st century learning environment and recognises the importance of ICT in preparing students for the world in which they live.


Digital Technologies (ICT) are an integral part of our curriculum; safe and confident use of technology is a high priority. At St. Justin’s, we acknowledge the need to have in place rigorous and effective cyber safety practices which are directed and guided by our cyber safety policy.

All classrooms are equipped with Interactive Whiteboards, desktops and laptop trolleys encouraging access to the world beyond the classroom. Students use computers, cameras, videos and ipads for communicating, creating, presenting, researching and collaborating. Our flexible, open learning areas encapsulate our belief in building the capacity of students to interact in this contemporary world.

We believe the use of contemporary tools enhances learning across all of the domains (Literacy, Numeracy, RE, Inquiry, Arts).

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