Marine Ambassadors Excursion

6 March 2017 | General Interest

On Tuesday the four Marine Ambassadors went on a boat called the Moonraker we snorkelled and swam with Weedy Sea Dragons, Australian Fur seals and Bottlenose Dolphins. These amazing creatures are right here in our bay, Port Phillip Bay! We all thought they were the most beautiful creatures we have ever seen in the water! It was a fabulous opportunity to learn first hand about our local marine life.

We learnt about marine life and had an opportunity to swim up close with these creatures. Now that we know about the local marine life  that exists right in our bay we will learn about how our actions impact on our local bays and waterways. There are many things you can do to help protect these creatures such as ensuring your rubbish ALWAYS goes in the bin so it does not get washed down the drains into the ocean. Here are some photos of our excursion.

We look forward to sharing our adventures with you at an assembly and teaching you about how to protect our fragile marine life. Lucas, Nicholas, Lucy, Monica and Mrs. Butler. A big thank you for Mr. T for driving us and looking after us in the bay.

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