Wellbeing refers to a state of positive social and emotional functioning - an ethos which underpins and is reflective of St. Justin’s school motto ‘All Students Can Achieve Success’. Wellbeing is a feature of our school - we aim to provide a safe, respectful and engaging learning environment in which the children in our care are provided with opportunities to learn, practise and apply social and emotional learning competencies (SEL) to enhance and support their academic performance.


Using the KidsMatter initiative as our framework, evidence based programs which support the development of SEL include:

  • ‘Stop, Think, Do’ (Social Skills – classroom based)

  • ‘Cool Kids’ (Anxiety)

  • ‘Seasons for Growth’ (Grief, Loss and Change)

  • ‘Play Pals’ (Social skills – playground based)

  • School based counselling


St. Justin’s also provides specialist staff to facilitate intervention programs for those students who require additional remediation, extension or specialist services in literacy and/or numeracy. Programs/ support include:

  • Reading Recovery

  • Bridges

  • ERIK

  • Extension maths/ literacy

  • Life Skills

  • Levelled Literacy Intervention

  • Personalised Learning Plans

  • Learning Support Officers

Allied consultancy such as Speech Pathology, Psychology and School Advisors are provided through the CEO, as well as additional service provision from external support agencies.

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