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Our Kitchen garden program happens every Thursday where all classes throughout the year are engaged in cooking experiences based around their Inquiry units and the availability of produce that is being harvested in the vegetable beds. The Kitchen Garden program involves food preparation, nutrition, kitchen safety and investigating Science in action through our gardens.



The St. Justin’s Choir is led by our Performing Arts Specialist. The Choir rehearses weekly at lunchtime and involves students ranging from Year 3 to 6. Choral participation is a rewarding experience, which develops group cooperation, discipline, self-esteem and confidence. We perform at school assemblies, the Parish Fair, lunchtime concerts and at our Music Soiree Evening.



Drumming Beats is a performance group offered to students from Year 3 to Year 6 for a term. Students have the opportunity to play the ‘rubbish bin drums’ and play amazing rhythms to accompany a variety of songs. This group is lead by our Performing Arts Teacher and they rehearse on a weekly basis.  It is a great forum to make music and “bang out” some rhythms while giving students a performance opportunity to a variety of school audiences.


Under the direction of Michael Palamara, one of our private music teachers at St. Justin’s, students from Year 5 and 6 have the opportunity to audition for Rock Band. There are two Rock Bands that rehearse weekly comprising of guitarists, drummers, bass guitarists, keyboard players and vocalists. The Rock Bands perform at school events such as the Parish Fair, Music Soiree evening, lunchtime concerts and assemblies.



Caring for our students, in and out of the classroom is a St. Justin’s priority.“Playpals” is a playground activity, coordinated and lead by dedicated and committed students. It provides a focussed nurturing environment, of safe social interaction when students of all ages are feeling lonely or need a friend and can’t find one on their own. It also meets the needs of students who want a break from the regular routines of a playground.


Students join in with Art, Sport and STEM, to name a few of the activities that bring us happily together with others. In so doing, “Playpals” builds a sense of belonging and purpose.



Running club is offered to students from Years 3-6 one morning per week and is designed for them to develop personal fitness. The club sees students develop their fitness, not just through running laps, but also through a range of fun and exciting activities.


Our swimming program is provided to all students from Prep - Year 4. Its focus is around water safety and providing our students with essential skills and techniques to keep them safe when in the water.



Developing a sense of social justice in our students is of importance at St Justin’s.  One of the ways this is achieved is by building positive relationships with the elderly community.  This connection is developed by ongoing visits with our three local retirement villages; Cumberland View, The Willows and Weary Dunlop.

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